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Second Workshop of coastal marine training educators circuit 04, Region Perez Zeledon. December 2, 2015, ASANA.

Final meeting of the Local Council, December 9, 2015, Tilapia El Pavon

Coming Auction, from November 30 to December 15, 2015.

The mission of ASANA is to secure the long-term conservation of the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor and surrounding natural areas by empowering local communities and residents to take action in support of conservation actions. We have three campaigs in Global Giving:

"A Model of Development for the Path of the Tapir"

In the Path of the Tapir - Islands in the Forest

Is it worth it? The Térraba-Sierpe Wetlands.

Rainforest Rangers



ASANA needs your help, our projects are many and our resources are limited, their collaboration can take place and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of resources.

Only we accept students and / or professionals in natural sciences and related photography, graphic design and web.

Help us to realize our projects to improve connectivity Biological Corridor Path of the Tapir, assists in the placement and monitoring with camera traps, working with sea turtles collaborating with Hacienda Baru, help us to keep our beaches clean communities and improve knowledge in communities through environmental education.

The tasks are varied; they are a function of the projects we have in place, their training and day to go to work with us.

You only need to pay for food and a small contribution for the hosting, they are only $ 10 a day.

This is our contact; be encouraged to write, e-m @ il: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you very much for your help

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