Conserving nature, preserving life/Conservando la naturaleza, preservando la vida

ASANA means Asociación Amigos de la Naturaleza del Pacífico Central y Sur (Friends of Nature of the Central and Southern Pacific Coast), Costa Rica.We work in the conservation field implementing and supporting programs to preserve and restore nature. We aim to work with local communities to empower them and raise awareness on the most pressing issues, organize local management councils, explore community-based sustainable development alternatives, and conserve flora, fauna, habitats and ecological processes of the Path of the Tapir and its associated natural areas.

Nosotros trabajamos en la conservación y soporte de programas para preservar y restaurar la naturaleza. Nuestro objetivo es trabajar con las comunidades locales para empoderarlas y crear conciencia sobre los problemas, organizar consejos locales, explorar alternativas de desarrollo sostenible basadas en la comunidad, y la conservación de la flora, la fauna, los hábitats y procesos ecológicos del Paso de la Danta y su áreas naturales asociados.

Recent News

Second Workshop of coastal marine training educators circuit 04, Region Perez Zeledon. December 2, 2015, ASANA.

Final meeting of the Local Council, December 9, 2015, Tilapia El Pavon

Coming Auction, from November 30 to December 15, 2015.

The mission of ASANA is to secure the long-term conservation of the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor and surrounding natural areas by empowering local communities and residents to take action in support of conservation actions. We have three campaigs in Global Giving:

"A Model of Development for the Path of the Tapir"

In the Path of the Tapir - Islands in the Forest

Is it worth it? The Térraba-Sierpe Wetlands.

Rainforest Rangers



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